Sunday, July 17, 2011

Hey, gang! I'm back to bug you with my blog! Mwhahaha!

Hi all!

I haven't blogged on my blog in ages. Cathy lets me do occasional posts on her blog but that's not the same as having your own blog.

My friend Rumpy just started his blog . Check it out, why don't you? He's my Southern Malamute pal. He likes cats and Barney the dinosaur but he's still a cool doggie in my opinion. Besides, no one is perfect, though I do come pretty darn close.

Rumpy has inspired me to fire up my blog again. Enough of my lollygagging about. Well, I'll still lollygaggle (I just love that word, don't you?) but I will chat with you while I do it. Can't let Cathy have all the fun being verbose and boring everyone. Heheh! Of course I'm the better writer but don't tell her that as she is an overly sensitive gal and takes these things very personally.

Hope you're all enjoying your summer or winter wherever you may be. I'm having a good summer but much prefer winter as you who know me from Facebook have heard many times.

My fur is looking pretty ratty these days like a couch cushion losing its stuffing as someone described it so well. I won't let Brian brush me and I don't like him pulling out tufts of fur either. Hands off! Geesh!

I'm a snow doggie and that's that. This summer heat weighs on me but Cathy says not to complain. As her daddy says, "It's a lonnnnnnnnnnnnng winter." Ah, yes, and I love it so!

Until next time, loving licks and furry hugs to all my pals!

Love Loup


  1. Lollygagging is for the birds, Loup. Blogging is for the dogs. Good to see that you're back at it..

  2. I hope all this lollygagging around isn't requiring too much of Cathy's supervision. Editing for you and Rumpy better not be keeping her from her own writing! My mom won't let me have my own blog for that very reason (altho' she sometimes lets me have a paragraph in the family's Christmas newsletter). I'm lucky when I get to make the occasional comment like this in the blogosphere. Keep Cathy buttered up with snuggles and licky kisses. You've got it good, so don't mess up.

    Tynan, the Black Lab

  3. I think you are an awesome writer! Besides, you might get Cathy's competitive juices flowing and inspire her like no one else can. Woo woo!