Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sunday Mornings

Morning All! Hope you're enjoying your weekend!

My Southern Malamute pal, Rumpy, just blogged about Sunday morning so I'm going to do the same from my Canadian perspective.

It's finally cooler here and the humidity has gone down. Phew! I can breathe again. It has been a real scorcher this past week. Too hot for this snow doggie. I want winter! I want winter! Yeh! Cathy says I shouldn't write this or I might get hate mail. I don't care! I love conflict and controversy. YEH! Bring it on!

I love this time of day before the neighbours get up and start being noisy. It's so peaceful and serene. Love it! And you didn't think I was a sensitive doggie, did you? I do have my moments of tranquility before I cut loose. Keep them guessing, I always say. Gotta keep them on their toes around here as they are a fairly complacent bunch.

The wind rustles the leaves above us and the air is so fresh and cool. Those blue jays and crows are still being a nuisance but what else is new? Too bad they don't migrate. We're stuck with them year around. Bummer!

Tanner is a being a big pain as he's got a gigantic branch caught in his rope. Geesh, that guy will do anything for attention. Doesn't he know that I'm the Alpha Dog and that's that? Give up, already.

Tyna is flirting with me as usual. *rolls eyes* It's hard being such a chick magnet but hey, when you got it, flaunt it, I always say.

Brian let Alex off his leash to have a little jaunt and he's taken off. Heheh. For a 16-year-old lame, blind dog, he can really move. Hope I'm that spry when I'm 16. Go, Alex!

Rosie just puked her breakfast out on the table where Cathy is sitting. Disgusting cat. I never do things like that. ;)

Ah, Sunday mornings! Nothing like them. Happy Sunday, everyone!


  1. Now that's the kinda Sunday morning I'm talking about! Jen has a swollen head after mowing last night so all I hear is sniffing and honking and snoring.

  2. Hey, Loup. There's more happenin' during your Sunday morning than mine. I get to beg for breakfast toast bits and go for a quick walk with my Dad. But then everyone leaves for church and I'm left to lounge around on my own for a good three hours before they come back. Sundays are pretty boring.

    Tynan, the black Lab