Sunday, December 9, 2012

Loup's Letter to Santa

Dear Santa,

How ya been this year? Hope there is lots of snow up at the North Pole. We have none right now in Ottawa, Ontario since it all melted away. Just lots of rain and that’s no fun for a snow dog like me. Sigh. Could you bring me some snow from the North Pole when you come if we don’t have any by Christmas? I bet that North Pole snow is magic snow. I’m sure of it.

Hope you’re not still sore at me for that time I helped pull the sleigh. The toys only got a tiny bit wet and muddy (Okay, they got soaked) when I dragged the sleigh through that mud puddle. No harm done. Let’s put the past behind us, shall we? Forgive and forget and all that. You’re a jolly old elf, right? *Grins and teeth ping*

 Unlike those naughty cats B.f. Thorneycroft and Gordon Drummond, I’ve been a really *COUGH* good doggie all year long so I’m hoping you will bring me all the gifts I want this year. You are going to give them coal, right? *looks hopeful*

Now for my gifts, first I’d like my own hot tub mud bath. You’re welcome to join me, too, of course. I’m not selfish like those cats, Big and Gordie. *rolls eyes* Of course I may need the deluxe extra large size if you’re going to join me, Santa.  *Winks* Guess Mrs. Claus has been baking again, hasn’t she? Getting quite the tummy, aren’t you?

Speaking of baking, does Mrs. C. have any cookies for my pal Rumpy T. Drummond and I? My pal, Rumpy, just loves cookies. You remember him, right? He lives in Florida which sure is a hot place for a Malamute to live. Don’t know how he does it. Phew! I get hot just imagining it. UGH!

Hey, do you think you could get me one of those little rooms like they have at Mark’s Work Warehouse where you can make it freezing cold and windy in summer time to try on heavy coats? I’d love one of those rooms for summer time as it can get mighty hot and humid around here.

Cathy has a paddling pool for me but only my front feet fit. It’s a joke really. *rolls eyes again* I know she does try, poor girl. We don’t have an in ground pool like some of my lucky doggie friends south of the border.

For my next present, I’d like a new garbage can to hold all the garbage I’ve been collecting lately. It’s starting to pile up and I need a place to store it. Do you have garbage cans the size of a grain silo? Or better yet, maybe one of the farmers around here has an extra silo they don’t mind giving me. Can you arrange it, Santa? You’re so good at that.

And finally, for my last present, I’d like a fresh toy delivered each day since I keep losing and destroying the ones I have. Can you arrange that? I don’t need anything fancy. Cathy gets me toys at the dollar store and not at the expensive doggy boutique where the chic dog owners shop. Hey, I’m okay with it, really. *Cheap Creep....grumbles under breath*

So I hope you will have a good night for flying, Santa and that the reindeer don’t give you grief. That Rudolph is a saucy one, isn’t he? Must be that red nose of his. Better check he’s not flying under the influence. Thought I smelled candy cane brandy on his breath last time.

So have a great Christmas yourself, Santa! Hope you get a break after working so hard on Christmas night to bring joy to everyone.  

All the best for the New Year and drop by sometime. My doghouse door is always open and I’d love to see you. Just don’t touch my dog dish while I’m eating. GRRRR!

Love Loup