Saturday, September 10, 2011

Loup drops by to say hi!

Hi everyone! Hope you're enjoying the arrival of fall. I love it. The cooler weather suits me just fine and it's that much closer to W.. Well, you know what I mean. Cathy doesn't allow me to use the W word. She says it will come soon enough and then it's here forever.

Woohoo! My pal Rumpy interviewed me this week and a good job he did with it, too. He's a natural journalist. Look at all the interviews he's done lately. He puts me to shame.

Feel free to read all about me right here.

I like rereading it myself but then I am rather narcissistic at times, Cathy says. Don't know what that means exactly but it is a cool word, don'tcha think? Nar SIH SIS TIC. I like it.

That Rumpy puts me to shame with all his blogging and networking. What a great dog he is! I'm so lucky to have him as a pal. He's the best! Glad to see his blog is taking off and he's getting the acknowledgement he deserves. And to think I knew him when. Sigh.

Until Next Time, don't do anything I wouldn't other words, the sky's the limit. GO FOR IT! Love Loup

Monday, September 5, 2011

Interview with Rumpy T. Drummond

Hi everyone! It's been a while since I wrote on my blog but Cathy was away on vacation in Cape Breton and PEI. She took her laptop with her so what could I do? Wish I had my own laptop but them's the breaks! It was hard and I suffered terrible withdrawal but luckily I had some socks to chew on for comfort.

Today I have a real treat for you. I interviewed my bud, fellow Malamute, Rumpy T. Drummond who lives down in Tennessee. I wonder if he has one of those cool Southern accents when he goes woo, wooooo!

I just know you'll love getting to know Rumpy better and another way to get to know him is by following him on Facebook, Twitter and on his blog, Enjoy!

1. So what’s it like being so popular on Facebook and Twitter, Rumpy? I have lots of female admirers and I’m sure you do, too. How do you handle all the fame and stay so down to earth about it all?

Oh Dog, it feels so good to be SOOOO well-loved! To think that I went from homeless to known around the world is nothing short of AMAZING! I guess sometimes I do let the popularity go to my head, but usually I'm too busy to think about it. Blogging and social networking is hard work and it takes alot of time out of my day!

2. Rumour has it that you like cookies. What is your favourite kind of cookie?

Did you say cookies???? *drool* I LOVE cookies! The highlight of my day is that every evening Jen gives us each a cookie after we go outside for a final perimeter check. If she's late in letting us out, I am quick to remind her of the time.

We have to eat special cookies because DeDe is on a restricted diet, so most of the cookies I eat these days are made with some kinda fish. Mmmmmm..... they are mighty good!

3. What is your favourite movie? If you could pick a movie to star in, what would it be?

Hmmmm..... that's a hard one. I don't watch many movies. My obvious favorite is Snow Dogs. I really think they should have waited a few years so we'd be around to star in that one. Nothing against that Demon dog mind you.

If I could star in a movie I think I'd want to be a detective- like Poirot or Sam Spade. All the ladies would love me and all the bad guys would fear me. Or maybe a musical. I am a talented crooner ya know.

4. So I hear that DeDe has her own advice column? How does that make you feel? Do you like helping her with it? Is all the fame going to her head?

DeDe is a goofball, but she's a good kid. I have to help her with that advice column, but I gotta admit she's getting better. I don't worry about her near as much as I do the kitties..... ever since I started this blog they've been plotting to take it over.

5. Is it true that you like Barney, the purple dinosaur? *shudders* *GAG* Why, Rumpy? Please tell us why. I need to understand.

Oh Loup! I LOVE Barney! I have this fantasy of singing and dancing and running through the park with him. I don't understand why nobody likes him anymore. Of course i can understand a dog not liking a purple dinosaur, but I do get upset with human adults who dis Barney and other icons that children worship. I think it's mean and sets a bad example to the children because it sends the message that things the child values are not important.

6. Why do you like cats? Doesn’t it go against your natural instincts? (I know I have trouble with that predator/prey instinct and don’t get invited out to parties much.)

You're right- most Malamutes don't get along with cats. But when I came to stay with Jen there were cats in the house and I stayed outside. But I wanted to be inside with everybody else, so she told me I could as long as I respected everyone else. It's been hard but I have done well I think. I learned how to not pee inside and live with cats. Now I feel like I can do anything!

Now I'm not gonna lie- if I was outside and a cat was in my yard, I'd treat him just like any other prey.

7. Describe a typical day in your life.

Well, you know that I USED to get to go to doggie daycare, but now that Jen has taken yet ANOTHER pay cut she says she can't afford to send me anymore. That's why I started blogging ya know, so hopefully I could eventually I could make some money to go back to daycare.

So anyway, we start the day by the cats waking Jen up as early as possible by acting like they're starving to death. They run and jump and meow and act all dramatical- it's quite a spectacle! Then after Jen finds her glasses me and DeDe go outside for an initial perimeter check. After breakfast and Jen getting dressed we each take a walk. Then it's guard duty while Jen works.

In the evenings we spend some time in the yard hanging out, playing, fussing at neighbors and squirrels. Then we get that final treat.... COOKIES!!! Of course I am working on my blog throughout the day, so there's always something to do.

8. What is your favourite season? Does it start with W? (Say yes!) Why do you like it so much?

Oh Loup, this has been a VERY rough summer on me. The heat, the humidity, and of course losing Sage was hard as well. I can't wait until winter is here again! I want to run and play and chase Jen all over the yard!

9. If you could travel anywhere you wanted, where would you go?

I would go to the North Pole to visit Santa. Then I would apply for a job so I could live there year-round. I LOVE Santa, and it's always been my dream to be a part of his team..... even though I'm not a reindeer. I could LEARN to fly!!!

10. If you could help the world in some way, what would you do?

I think I help just by being who and what I am. Let's face it- in these days and times humams are hurting. They are angry, but most of that anger masks hurt. And it's not just in the US that happens. It's happening all over the world. So while a human would NEVER let their hair down and play with another human, they can feel free to play and sing and say whatever they want to me! And in return they get some time when life is good and happy again.