Sunday, August 14, 2011

Heaven help us as Tyna speaks out

I just read on Rumpy's blog that DeDe got a chance to speak and she even has a help column. What is the world coming to?

A help column? Good grief! Now you've done it, Rumpy! She'll think she's the next Doggie Ann Landers at this rate. Now you're in trouble!

Tyna is really upset to hear that DeDe got to blog on Rumpy's blog and she is having a fit as I write. Always something. *Rolls eyes*

She is bellowing and insisting that her voice be heard. Oh, Tyna. Go away! I'm trying to concentrate on my blogging. Go brood somewhere else already. Go tell Tanner your troubles.

Now Tyna. You look upset or is that just your regular expression? Hard to tell sometimes with those droopy jowls. You know I was only kidding. My, you're looking lovely today. *Sniff, sniff* Is that rotten fish you rolled in? Smells divine. I like your makeup job though you do go a little heavy on the black eyeliner and you didn't need to outline your lips with it, too. Are you trying to look like a Goth or something? You do need a new hairdresser though. Your fur is a mess. I know it's tempting to roll in smelly stuff but it doesn't do much for your fur, Dear.

Now, calm down, Tyna. There's a good girl. *Pats Tyna's furry head* Want me to get some valium for you? Now just relax, my dear. You're getting much too agitated and ups

TYNA BUTTING IN HERE and believe me with my big head and shoulders, I'm good at butting in:

"Yes, it's me, the gorgeous and very intelligent Tyna, the St. Bernard who lives with those huskies (who rely on instinct more than brains), Tanner and Alex, and that incorrigible scalliwag, Malamute, Loup.

I've had it with Loup ignoring me and flirting with the ladies on Facebook. I put up with his fling with Winnie but don't think that it didn't sting a little or maybe that's the poison ivy I rolled in. Hard to tell.

Does he think it doesn't hurt to have him treat me this way? And I'm so good to him, too. I always visit him first thing in the morning and we have our little ritual where I let him chase me and let him have a good sniff.

And I let him use his pool and don't object when he won't let me use it, too. I know he has his selfish ways. I've put up with them for years.

I had my sights set on him when we first met but no longer. He was so rugged, mysterious, and handsome when he first arrived on our doorstep. What girl doggie wouldn't be swept away by him? I know Cathy was smitten and she's a human. She wants to write a paranormal shapeshifter story and have Loup be the Alpha dog or is it the Alpha male, I forget. Oh, Cathy, give me a break. *GAGS and big clump of slimy grass pops out*

But now I feel that Loup is just not worth it. I'm going to move on. I've started a self improvement course of diet and exercise and I feel great.

I go out to lunch with my girlfriends and they actually listen to me which is more than I can say for Loup who treats me like a bimbo.

Loup says I'm too high maintenance. I AM NOT high maintenance. Okay, so I whine and bellow a bit too much at the mere hint of a thunderstorm or when the wind comes up or when he goes out for a night with the boys. Excuse me for living! Hmph! I just need some attention now and then. Is that too much to ask? I really don't ask for much. I could be like that prissy Winnie who has her owner Wendy at her beck and call. I'm not like that. CATHHEEEEEE! Where are you? The wind just came up. BARK! BARK!

I might be a little on the neurotic side but like Loup's predator/prey instinct, my neuroticism is part of my charm along with my doggy smell. I can't help it.

There, I got that off my chest. Ahhhhhh, feels much better to be out with it. So freeing and liberating.

Here, Loup you can have the blog back. I'm done."

Loup here. *Scans the blog* So I go out with the guys? What's wrong with that? I am NOT selfish. So Tyna, you're all better now, eh? That's great. Glad to hear it. So could you rustle me up some dinner? I'm starved and I'm going bowling later with some of the guys. Oh, you know who they are. They're nice guys. You know. There's Rumpy, Archie, Chance, Dylan, Oscar, Elliott, Dugan and Hunter. All nice guys, each one.

Now could you get right on that, Toots? There's a good girl now.

Now, Tyna. Don't look that way. It's most unattractive. I didn't mean it. OUCH! Stop hitting me with that bone. I didn't mean it. OUCH!

Okay, readers. I'm outta here. This is too much to take. Off I go for a few beers and some rolling in gross stuff with the boys before bowling.

Until next time, be good the way I always am! *Fake halo springs out over top of devil horns*

*Makes note to always work on blog when Tyna is napping*

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

You can't rain on my parade!

Since it's pouring rain out there, I thought I'd post some different Youtube videos of songs about rain. I just love rain, almost as much as snow. Only a few more months. Ahhh, can't wait!

I dedicate "Listen to the Rhythm of the Falling Rain" to Winnie. All you doggies out there, listen up. Listen carefully to the lyrics about broken hearts.

That Winnie. Sigh. Sniff. She knows all about breaking hearts, that doggie does.

Darn, got some rain in my eye. *Wipes eye* Ehem...where was I?

Here's something a little more cheerful to lighten the mood. *Grabs soggy Kleenex* HONK! Winnie, why did you do this to me? Sniff.

*Listens to Burt Bacharach music* Ahh, that's better. I can dig it. I'm feeling more cheerful already.

OOH, Cool scenery in this one. Wish I was there by that stormy ocean. I'd love that. So wild and unpredictable. Sorta like me that way.

So how does a rainy day make you feel? Does it make you happy or sad or just plain annoyed?

I'm all cheerful again. Even Winnie can't keep me down for too long. She broke my heart, it's true, but it's been a while now. I'm livin' the single life and lovin' it playin' out in the field.

Hear that Tyna and Winnie. I'm lovin it! No attachments for this doggie, except for my leash.

You won't rain on my parade!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Seven Wonders of Our World

Cathy asked me to guest post and write about "Seven wonders of the world" for her Writer's Post blogging group this week.

She said she could have done it herself, but thought I might give it a certain edginess and dramatic flair.

It is true that I'm the better writer, but don't tell her that. Don't want to burst the poor girl's bubble. I'm even more popular than her on Facebook. The ladies just love me. What can I say? It's a gift.

Here are our Seven Wonders of the World:

Here's Tanner who is trouble with a capitol "T"
He tries so hard to pick a fight with me,

Then there's poor old Alex who's blind and lame
At least his keen appetite is still the same,

Then there's Rosie, such a cheeky tabby
So haughty and smug, and a little bit crabby,

Then there's Tyna who is smitten with me
How much more lovesick can this dog be?

Then there's Maggie, both skittery and lazy
So weird in behaviour, she drives Brian crazy,

Then there's Daisy, the youngest cat
Cute and playful, and a bit of a brat,

And finally there's me, the famous Loup
I'm the most wondrous, yes, it's true!

They should erect a Loup statue under a tree
All the tourists would come and take pictures of me,
They would whisper my name with both awe and fear
And say that the wondrous Loup Graham lived here.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Friendship Day

My good pal, Rumpy, wrote about Friendship Day in his blog so I decided to do the same. Rumpy is one of my best FB pals. He's the greatest but then he's a Malamute. Was there ever any doubt? Even if he does like Barney the Dinosaur, I still think Rumpy is the best!

I think I like my FB friends best of all 'cause I don’t really have a lot of real life friends.

Oh, of course there’s Tyna but she’s so lovesick that it gets a little nauseating sometimes.

Tanner hates me so forget trying to be friends with him. Believe me, I have tried but he’s jealous of me being the Alpha Dog. What can I say? It’s a burden being so incredibly handsome and virile but I do my best to persevere.

Then there’s poor Al boy but he’s so aged that I can’t really play with him very much. He sleeps most of the time anyhow.

There are the three cats but I’ve got that predator/prey instinct pretty bad so friendship isn’t a good idea. Rosie would be mighty tasty to nibble on though as she is so plump and juicy. *Drools* Tanner almost got her yesterday when he broke off his rope. You should have seen it! *whistles* It was so cool! YEH! *Waves paw in the air* There goes another life, Rosie. How many have you got left now? Not too many, I imagine.

Of course I like my human family who took me in when I was a vagabond wandering the dusty roads alone. They’re the best friends around. They feed me, walk me, play with me, and take care of me. I owe them a lot.

Cathy read somewhere that Malamutes aren’t very loyal and like whoever is feeding them and being nice to them. That’s not true! By the way, got any toys or treats for me? If you do, I’ll be right over.

I am so grateful for my Facebook buds who enrich my life so much. You make me laugh. You make me cry. You teach me a lot since I don't get out much so thanks!

It's great to know you. Thanks, guys! You’re all the best!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Don't Worry, Be Happy

Here's my simple little message today delivered by Bobby McFerrin. Love this song.

*Wiggles furry hips and dances around the yard doing cartwheels and hip hop* YEH! Everybody dance now!

This song is directed at you, Tanner. Stop barking and making such a fuss already. Tyna, stop your brooding!

As Bobby says, "In this life, we got some trouble, but if you worry, you make it double." How very true!

And here's a good quote by Barbara de Angelis about happiness to keep in mind.

"No one is in control of your happiness but you; therefore, you have the power to change anything about yourself or your life that you want to change."

I'm always happy, well, except when Tanner or those mean German shepherds are trying to pick a fight with me. Then my survival instinct kicks in and I become "Kick Ass Loup".

What can I say? My name is "Loup" (Wolf) after all.

Love "Happy Go Lucky" Loup, living in the moment and loving it!

Hope you're doing that, too!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Ode to a Blue Jay

You really like to squawk and squeak

You screech and shriek, and peep,

Mr. Blue Feathers with the pointy beak

Some of us are trying to sleep!

I know you’re only after my food

You’re always in my dish,

Don’t you think it’s kinda rude?

I guess scavenger is your niche,

You are related to a crow after all

I read it on a site,

You and your screechy, grating call

Always starting a fight,

I read that your wings aren’t really blue

And that it’s really just a trick of light,

I’m never too old to learn something new

Now if I’d only learn to be polite!

But the weirdest thing I read

Was all about a thing called “anting”,

Yes, you heard me, that’s what I said!

I’m not just howling and panting,

You rub ants under your wings

That sure is a weird thing to do,

I always learn so many things

Living in my backyard zoo.