Monday, August 8, 2011

Seven Wonders of Our World

Cathy asked me to guest post and write about "Seven wonders of the world" for her Writer's Post blogging group this week.

She said she could have done it herself, but thought I might give it a certain edginess and dramatic flair.

It is true that I'm the better writer, but don't tell her that. Don't want to burst the poor girl's bubble. I'm even more popular than her on Facebook. The ladies just love me. What can I say? It's a gift.

Here are our Seven Wonders of the World:

Here's Tanner who is trouble with a capitol "T"
He tries so hard to pick a fight with me,

Then there's poor old Alex who's blind and lame
At least his keen appetite is still the same,

Then there's Rosie, such a cheeky tabby
So haughty and smug, and a little bit crabby,

Then there's Tyna who is smitten with me
How much more lovesick can this dog be?

Then there's Maggie, both skittery and lazy
So weird in behaviour, she drives Brian crazy,

Then there's Daisy, the youngest cat
Cute and playful, and a bit of a brat,

And finally there's me, the famous Loup
I'm the most wondrous, yes, it's true!

They should erect a Loup statue under a tree
All the tourists would come and take pictures of me,
They would whisper my name with both awe and fear
And say that the wondrous Loup Graham lived here.


  1. Loup! What a great post---not only are you a great writer--you are also very beautiful!! What a great photo! I loved your take on seven wonders!! Cheers, Jenn

  2. I agree with Jen, you are so handsome and wonderous!

  3. oh Dog! That is your best post yet! I am duly impressed! And what a coincidence, that stray kitty that comes around here sometimes looks like your Daisy, just a bit skinnier.
    Woo woo woo!!!!

  4. So whimsical, Cathy! Just adorable. I am especially fond of Maggie and her "look." A delight to read. Loup should blog more often. ;-)

  5. Thanks for the comments, everyone! You make this doggie very happy!

  6. Love this, and all the photos too.

  7. I love Loup, especially as one of my nicknames is Loup Mojo in deference to my inner wolf! Great post and fabulous pics. Big hugs for all the furry people in your house, Loup :o))