Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Life is like doing laundry

Watching Cathy put out laundry on the line this morning got me pondering as I often do.

I am a deep thinker as you know.

That family sure does a lot of laundry and the Tide company must love them.

I'm glad I only have my fur to worry about. So much easier.

Did you ever realize how our lives are a lot like doing laundry?

There is that continuous pile of things that get thrown at us. We work through the pile and manage to get caught up with a fresh clean pile of clothes as proof of our efforts. Then bam, another dirty pile cascades down on us to take its place and the process starts all over again.

Some loads are particularly grimy and need rewashing. Even then, some stains never come out. That's just the way it is.

Some folks' laundry is much dirtier than others. Best not to air your dirty laundry with others as the saying goes.

And of course socks go missing and no one never knows where they've gone. (No, I don't have any in my doghouse.) *whistles and stares up at the sky*

Then there is the never ending sorting and folding that needs to be done again and again. Our basket is never empty and we always miss something.

But when you catch sight of those brightly coloured clothes flapping in the wind on a sunny day and catch a whiff of the fresh clean scent, how can you not feel happy to be alive?

I know I do.

Happy laundry day, everyone!

Love Loup

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Favourite Movies

I saw this on another blog of children's book reviewers and thought it would make a good topic to talk about. Since I'm not much into book reviewing, I'd better not post on their blog unless they want my views on Proust or Balzac.

I'm not much into children's books like they are unless it's the story of "Balto" or "Husky in a Hut". That's Cathy's area of interest. Also it might confuse them to have a dog posting and I don't want to scare all those nice people. Then again, it might stir things up. Heheh I know. I'm wicked. Mwhahahaha

If anyone else wants to talk about their favourite movies, feel free.

Oh NOOOO! Cathy is bugging me to say what her favourites are. Geesh, that girl. Go get your own blog is what I tell her.

Well, I did say people could share what their favourite movies are so I guess I'd better let her post.

If anyone has a blog, why not link it to mine and we can share about our favourite movies. Sounds like fun. You scratch my back and I'll scratch yours. And I like my belly scratched too while you're at it. *rolls over onto back for a belly scratch*

Eight Below is such a great movie with all those clever huskies starring in it. And what a heartwarming story, too. That guy was so terrific going back to Antarctica to rescue his team. Awwwww. It really is my most favourite of all.

I enjoy Snow Dogs, as it is great fun and those dogs really show the owners who's boss. It makes me laugh every time I watch it. I wish I had a role in that movie as they looked like they had a great time making it.

I'm clever enough. I could easily have been in both movies. When is a talent agent going to spot me and make me a star? Guess not much is going to happen when I'm hidden away in the backyard. Even more reason for me to blog this way. Self promotion and establishing a platform is the key to success according to everything I've been reading.

Cathy has insisted that she post a few of her *Gag* favourites, too. YUCK! That girl has absolutely NO TASTE!

Cathy just adores "Jane Eyre" and has watched it umpteen times. She says that Toby Stephens as Mr. Rochester is the absolute best. Cathy can't resist him wearing those riding breeches and boots. Much sexier than any of the other actors who have played the role. Drool, drool, drool. Her words, not mine! *Rolls eyes at Cathy's immature behaviour.*

Cathy loves the book and the whole story of orphan Jane finding happiness with the lonely and brooding Mr. Rochester.

Her words not mine. Gag! Gack, this girl needs to get out more if this is what her favourite movie is. Sigh.

Her other favourite movie is no other than the sugary sweet movie of "Sound of Music."

Cathy recalls going to see it when she was 12 years old and being so captivated that she went back the next night to see it again. She has the music and knows all the lyrics to the songs. Heck, she could probably recite all the dialogue too since she's seen the movie so often. This girl needs help, I tell you! GAG!

So what's your favourite movie? I'd love to know.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Feeling unmotivated? Me too!

Ever had one of those days when you can't seem to get going on anything? I get those occasionally. Lack of motivation and procrastination sneak in and before I know it, the day is gone. YAWN!

As a dog, people probably don't think I accomplish much anyhow but I'll have you know that I'm very productive and I'm a deep thinker. I might not say much but I'm taking it all in whether you think so or not.

I read Proust and Balzac. I've even started a book by Stephen Hawking, the brilliant physicist who writes about black holes. Boy, if he wants to see some black holes, he should visit the back yard. I've got some beauties back here. I'm hoping that Tanner will fall into one eventually and be sucked into oblivion. A dog can always hope, can't they?

Anyhow, in an attempt to cope with this lack of motivation, I've turned to the trusty Internet for help as I know I'm not alone in my affliction. Surely someone out there in the virtual world can offer some advice for my plight.

I found a few helpful hints in coping with this condition that I'd love to share with you.

1. Create goals and deadlines to achieve them - Yes, those deadlines can be a powerful motivator. Cathy swears by them she says. She says she needs that adrenalin rush. Looks too exhausting for me.

2. Get some exercise and a change of scenery. Go somewhere out of the routine and see how it changes your perspective. Oh Cathy, how about a wallllk? Huh, huh? I promise I won't dislocate your shoulder yanking you down the street.

3. Carry a notebook for ideas - Geesh! Where am I supposed to carry it? Dogs don't have pockets. Who wrote that dumb idea? Good thing I have a great memory and keep all my ideas intact to write on Cathy's laptop later.

4. Try something different. Take up a new hobby or join a club. I've always wanted to try sky diving or bungee jumping. Kinda hard when I'm here in the backyard though. I never get to go anywhere. *POUTS*
There's always the historical society. They might not like me chewing on all their artifacts and destroying their fragile documents though. I know! The gardening group! I'll help them dig holes for planting their flowers. Only problem will be getting me to stop digging.

5. Get enough sleep and eat properly. I never have trouble with either of those except when Mr. Skunk happens by like he did last week. I didn't sleep a wink after that. PHEW! What a stench!Or if Cathy forgets to feed us when she's engrossed in writing one of those dumb stories she likes to write. I tell you, I'm the real writer in this family but I never get much recognition just cause I'm a dog. It's not fair.

6. Surround yourself with supportive friends. Avoid those negative types who drag you down. Tanner is one of those types. He constantly aggravates me. I'll keep digging that hole and hope he falls into it one of these days.

Why do we put up with those types? I really wish there was that Facebook feature in real life where we could hide or block aggravating dogs/people or better yet, just Delete them out of our lives completely if they were getting us down. Wouldn't it be great? I wish Tanner was on Facebook just so I could delete him off. Mwhahaaha!

Thank goodness for good friends Tyna and Al. There are also my casual buds in the neighbourhood who like to meet for a "sniff the butt" break (equivalent to a coffee break for you humans, don'tcha know?) There are also those annoying ones who like to pick a fight with me. They should know better than to pick a fight with Loup. I'm tough. I've lived on the streets. GRRR! *BEARS TEETH* Don't mess with me!

And I do appreciate my online furry FB pals, Winnie, Jody and Thio (Even if she is a cat, she's OK!) They're always there to encourage or support me. Thanks, guys. And my human friends Caz, Jen, Wendy, Marie-Andrée and Jane are great too. I love having all my women admirers. It's true. I am pretty fantastic after all. *Puffs out chest*

All this advice about motivation has totally exhausted me. I'm off for an afternoon nap. Talk to you all another time. Hope you all have an active and productive day. YAWN! ZZZZZZZZZ!