Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Life is like doing laundry

Watching Cathy put out laundry on the line this morning got me pondering as I often do.

I am a deep thinker as you know.

That family sure does a lot of laundry and the Tide company must love them.

I'm glad I only have my fur to worry about. So much easier.

Did you ever realize how our lives are a lot like doing laundry?

There is that continuous pile of things that get thrown at us. We work through the pile and manage to get caught up with a fresh clean pile of clothes as proof of our efforts. Then bam, another dirty pile cascades down on us to take its place and the process starts all over again.

Some loads are particularly grimy and need rewashing. Even then, some stains never come out. That's just the way it is.

Some folks' laundry is much dirtier than others. Best not to air your dirty laundry with others as the saying goes.

And of course socks go missing and no one never knows where they've gone. (No, I don't have any in my doghouse.) *whistles and stares up at the sky*

Then there is the never ending sorting and folding that needs to be done again and again. Our basket is never empty and we always miss something.

But when you catch sight of those brightly coloured clothes flapping in the wind on a sunny day and catch a whiff of the fresh clean scent, how can you not feel happy to be alive?

I know I do.

Happy laundry day, everyone!

Love Loup


  1. I agree, Loup. There's nothing like seeing laundry flapping in the wind.

  2. Love your perspective of Life and Laundry! :0)

    And I have found that most Mals are deep thinkers. People may think that they are just laying around, being lazy. When in reality they are pondering Life's little quirks. :0)

    When we had our litter of pups (almost two years ago now), the litter had their own blog. What a blast it was to 'read' their perspective of things.

    Have a wonderful day Loup!