Thursday, July 1, 2010

Proud to be Canadian

Today is Canada's 143rd birthday and I'm pretty excited about that, aren't you? Well, maybe if you live in another country it might not mean as much but you get the idea. You all have your special days that are meaningful, too.

I guess Queen Elizabeth thinks it's a special birthday too since she's in Ottawa today celebrating. Good ol Liz. Wish I could meet her. Even if she prefers corgies to huskies, she still sounds like a great lady and is pretty spry for 84 years old. Wish I could meet her and lick her hand. Brian got to see her drive by yesterday when he was walking in Ottawa. He's so lucky. I never get to go anywhere or see anything like that. Good thing I enjoy reading about the world as I don't get to travel much. Still, I am a dog who focuses on the positive so I don't dwell on my situation or blame anyone. One day I'll break off my chain again and have a good tear around the neighbourhood. That'll be fun.

Anyhow, back to why I like Canada before my two or three readers dwindles down to no one.

I think I live in a great country with so much to offer. Sure we have our problems like too many taxes with a new one starting today in Ontario. Aren't we lucky? Geesh. *looks in wallet and weeps*

Since I'm a dog who lives in the moment and focuses on the positive, I want to talk about what makes Canada such a great place to live.

I love all the wide open space and the clean air. Since going for walks is just about the best thing there is aside from jumping in a mud puddle, I would say that Canada is lucky to have an abundance of space. How lucky we are to have clean beaches, forests, oceans, lakes and rivers to visit any time of year. How lucky we are to have trails to hike, mountains to climb, rivers to paddle, and parks to enjoy.

I love the freedom, too. There are no police or soldiers roaming the streets harassing us for every little thing or demanding bribe money. There are no landmines to worry about stepping on. No gunfire to dodge. I'm a lucky dog not to have to worry about such things.

There is also not a lot of crime compared to some places in the world where people fear for their lives and belongings on a daily basis. I can't even imagine what that must be like.

I feel so grateful for those Canadian soldiers serving in those parts of the world that are unstable and unsafe. They risk their lives daily in their quest to bring freedom and security to other countries. Thanks soldiers for all you do for us.

In Canada, we are lucky to have lots to eat unlike some places where people are starving. We have lots of land for farmers to grow food and raise livestock. There are lots of farmers around where I live. They're the best! Thanks farmers for all you do for us.

One of the best things about Canada is how caring and accepting Canadians are. Sure, there is some racial intolerance and hatred around but for the most part, Canada is a caring nation. We help each other and welcome people from other countries, helping them find their way in a new land.

We live side by side, with different religions, different languages, and different cultures. And it works!

Canada is a great place to live and I can fully understand why people from other countries want to come here.

I'm a lucky dog to be Canadian.

"Oh Canada, our home and native land
True Patred Love in All thy Son's Command
With Glowing Hearts we see thee rise
The True North Strong and Free
From Far and Wide Oh Canada
We Stand on Guard for Thee."

Enjoy your poutine, your Tim's coffee and donuts, your barbecued hamburgers and hotdogs, your butter tarts, your flipper pie, your lobster, your feves au lard.

Enjoy whatever you like to eat to celebrate this day. I'll be thinking of you as I tuck into a bowl of dog kibble. (Woohoo, the excitement of it all. YAWN!)

And go see some Fireworks to end this wonderful day with a bang. Wish I could go the fireworks here. Maybe Brian will take me. A dog can only hope, can't he?

WOOHOO! Canada is the greatest!


  1. Well said, Loup!
    You are obviously a very patriotic Canadian and you have touched on so many elements of what makes Canada such a great country to live in. I can only hope that all other Canadians (human and dog alike) will take your words to heart and celebrate this amazing place called Canada, not just today but 365 days of the year.
    Vive le Canada!
    Your fellow proud Canadian, Lisa

  2. So nice to see that you are a proud Canadian, Loup. This country of our is great! :)

    Enjoy the celebrations!

  3. Hey Loup, there's something over at my blog for you...Go fetch!

  4. Congratulations on the Versatile Blogger Award you ole dog. I think your cousin is living at our house. Maybe he's even your long lost brother. You guys should look alike. His name is Bandit and you can find him under my labels.