Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Loup’s ten tips for enjoying life

I haven't blogged for a while but I have been vacationing in France with my friend Winnie and the Bama girls so it's a bit difficult to find an Internet cafe that lets dogs blog.

Wish I had an iphone. Sigh. Then again, this way Cathy can't find me on the streets of Paris. She's mad at me for taking her credit card to buy my red scooter. If only she could see how much fun it is, I'm sure she'd change her mind. I love my red scooter! I just know that in time, she'll come around and let me keep it. She's a softy deep down.

I haven't had much time for reflection lately what with all the touristy stuff of shopping (Man, can Winnie and the Bama girls shop. They're unreal! Who knew little Cairn terriers had so much stamina?)

We've also done a bit of sight seeing going up the Eiffel Tower which was great fun. Now that we're at a sidewalk cafe that has Internet, I thought I'd gather my thoughts for a few moments to be able to pen these words of wisdom. I know you've probably missed my words of wisdom as much as I've missed blogging. I don't want to lose all my faithful readers so here you go!


These are my Ten Tips for getting more out of your life. Try them. They work for me!

1.Play like a puppy and enjoy yourself. I’m happy go lucky and ready to play anytime. Wanna join me?

2.Don’t be afraid to look foolish. I do it all the time and I don’t care what people think about me.

3.Don’t take yourself so seriously. I never do that. I’m too busy having fun.

4.If you want something, then by all means go for it! Full speed ahead. If you don’t go for it, someone else will.

5.Live in the moment instead of dwelling on the past or worrying about tomorrow. I never regret and I never worry about the future. Now is all there is.

6.If you have a conflict with someone, growl a bit, bite each other, air your differences and move on.

7.Enjoy your food instead of feeling guilty or not even paying attention to what you’re eating.

8.If you’re bored or sad, sing a song or listen to music to lift you out of your doldrums. Arf, arf, roooooo!

9.Feel confident about yourself and be proud of your strengths and talents. Don't compare yourself with others. Be happy with you!

10.Don’t let someone else’s bad mood spoil your day. I don’t let Tanner’s jealousy or Tyna’s brooding ruin my good mood.

Have a happy frisbee kind of a day!

Love Loup


  1. I like your philosophy and would add only one other thing: never miss an opportunity to steal a treat!!! woo woo!

  2. Such great tips. I really like #2 Don't be afraid to look foolish. Yup, happens to the best of us. No good lamenting about it!