Saturday, September 10, 2011

Loup drops by to say hi!

Hi everyone! Hope you're enjoying the arrival of fall. I love it. The cooler weather suits me just fine and it's that much closer to W.. Well, you know what I mean. Cathy doesn't allow me to use the W word. She says it will come soon enough and then it's here forever.

Woohoo! My pal Rumpy interviewed me this week and a good job he did with it, too. He's a natural journalist. Look at all the interviews he's done lately. He puts me to shame.

Feel free to read all about me right here.

I like rereading it myself but then I am rather narcissistic at times, Cathy says. Don't know what that means exactly but it is a cool word, don'tcha think? Nar SIH SIS TIC. I like it.

That Rumpy puts me to shame with all his blogging and networking. What a great dog he is! I'm so lucky to have him as a pal. He's the best! Glad to see his blog is taking off and he's getting the acknowledgement he deserves. And to think I knew him when. Sigh.

Until Next Time, don't do anything I wouldn't other words, the sky's the limit. GO FOR IT! Love Loup


  1. Nice to see you Loup-You seem like a lovely dog

  2. Fall hasn't really arrived here yet... I'm still baking in 30oC. temperatures and cooling off regularly in the lake. My mistress says it's because summer was late arriving and wint-- sorry, "that other season", might be late, too. I don't care one way or the other. I love every season. In fact, I love everything. Period. I'm just one happy-natured dog. Now I'm off to check out Rumpy's interview. :)

    Tynan, the black Lab

  3. I feel so bad. Here you said such nice things about me and I didn't even realize you'd made a blog post until *counts nails* 5 days later! You are the BESTEST friend Loup!

  4. Dear Loup, I have nominated you to receive a Major Award- the versatile blogger award! woo woo woo!