Sunday, October 9, 2011

A Walk in the Woods with Loup on October 8, 2011

A walk in the woods is one of my most favourite things there is along with jumping in mud puddles, chewing socks and roadside garbage.

Here I am with my trusty walker, Eric as we’re just about to enter the woods behind us. I’ve got my rubber bone to accompany me.

Here we are on the trail. LOVE IT! Hmmm, I sure have a cute butt, don't I? Eat your heart out, Tanner.

I love all the interesting sights, sounds and especially smells on my walk. Here Tanner, Tyna and I check out a really good smell. *Sniffffffff* AHHHHH! Rabbit and mice holes are my favourite and I especially like pee-marked bushes left from other dogs.

It’s fall here in Canada and the leaves are changing colour really fast. Cathy loves all the colours. I guess they’re okay but I go for the smells with a big nose like mine. Sniff, sniff, ahhhhh!

Already the ground is covered as you can see. Won’t be long til the big W. YAY! Can't wait for that!

Here is Tyna enjoying her walk.

I didn’t want to put this picture in but Cathy insisted. But why? It’s MY walk I’m writing about, not hers. Next she’ll want me to put in a picture of Tanner. NO WAY!

UGH! She made me put in a picture of Tanner. She said they should be included since they were on the walk, too. That Tanner is my nemesis. He's so jealous of me. I can’t help being so incredibly handsome and clever. It's not my fault. Sigh.

The day was so sunny and warm, it was almost too hot for October. *Pant, pant, pant*

Here I am resting up until the next time I get to go for a walk in the woods.

I’m panting cause I’m so hot. And you thought I was smiling, didn’t you? Well, I am smiling, too, cause I’m “Happy go lucky, live in the moment Loup” and am always in a good mood, except when dogs like Tanner try to pick a fight with me. He's just annoyed cause I'm the Alpha Dog and he thinks he is, too. There can only be one, Tanner, and I'm it. Get over it already!

Until next time, I send some nice slobbery and loving licks to all my friends.

Love Loup


  1. Oh Dog! What a great walk! And while I know you don't care much for Tyna and Tanner, it is nice to have friends to share the sights and smells with.

  2. Thanks for stopping by, Rumpster. I didn't mind Tyna and Tanner that much on the walk. At least Tanner didn't try to fight that much.