Thursday, July 21, 2011

My favourite things

Garbage and road kill are awfully yummy
Rumbling and tumbling around in my tummy,
Soon I will go for a walk on the road
Where I will have the most stinky unload

Jumping in puddles is such a delight
And nothing's better than having a fight,
Those German Shepherds deserve what they get
I'll wipe the ground with the both of them yet!

Old socks are scrumptious, their texture so chewy
When I have old socks, I'm one happy Loupie,
Give me some leftovers, then I'll be set
I'll be one happy Malamute, that you can bet!

When the deer fly tries to bite me
When he makes me mad,
I simply remember my favourite things
and then I don't feel so bad!


  1. LOL! Oh, Loup... you and Rumpy are making my Lab howl today. Not sure if he's laughing, or crying with jealousy at the 'favourite things' you guys get to enjoy.

  2. I was singing right along with you, Loup. You're so witty...:)

  3. Oh Loup you are my favorite Malamute!!

  4. Oh Dog! I am jealous! You have the same favorite things I have! woo woo woo!!!