Sunday, May 30, 2010

Novelty or Nostalgia?

The boys bought a record player at the church yard sale this weekend. They managed to find a few old records to try and I could hear the music pouring out of Rory's room at various speeds as they flicked the speed button up to 78 and down to 16.

They think it's the coolest thing since they've never seen one before. It's such a novelty for them. Cathy can't understand the novelty but it does make her nostalgic and she remembers her youth spending many angst filled hours in her room with her record player for company. She'd play her single 45s with the little clip in the middle that always fell out. She'd sing along with the Carpenters and play her flute along with movie soundtracks. Okay, Cathy. You can stop now. I think my readers get the idea. They don't need to hear about everything you listened to. Don't want to scare them away or make them fall asleep.

Readers tell me I'm getting a little heavy handed and serious with my posts lately so I will try and lighten up a little. I am a fun loving dog after all. Must be all that Proust I've been reading lately. That guy sure can get serious about the most mundane daily experiences. I must say I'd like to try a Madeleine Cookie though. They sound yummy. Wonder if I'll revel in nostalgia about it like Proust does. I doubt it. Maybe a dog biscuit would do the trick.

Cathy gets very nostalgic lately. Must be part of the aging process. She is getting on in years, it's true. I try to tell her that looking back at the past too much isn't healthy. Live in the moment, girl! That's all you've got and you have much less of it left than you did in your youth. Don't waste it in the past. Oh, I'm getting heavy handed and preachy again. Sorry.

Interesting to see how old things like record players make a comeback again. "What goes around comes around" One of Cathy's friends said that. Seems especially appropriate when talking about a record player. BOL! Sorry. Can't resist a good pun though it might make some of you cringe and stop reading. I apologize. Or maybe you stopped reading before this.

The boys saw some record players for sale in the stores with new features like mp3 conversion capabilities. Things from the past get recycled like gadgets and clothes. The young people view them as a novelty while the older folks revel in nostalgia.

Nostalgia gives an idealized view of the past as a happier, gentler time "the good old days" as they call them. Like a faded photo with fuzzy edges, nostalgia tricks us into thinking that times were simpler and happier. The painful parts are forgotten.

I suppose one day I'll be like Cathy when I'm older and be thinking about the good ol days when Tyna tried to steal my paddling pool from under my nose and Tanner picked a fight every chance he could.

It's hard for me to be nostalgic when I'm only three and haven't been on the planet that long. Plus I live in the moment and don't think about the past much. I'm having too much fun now! Everything is a novelty for me.

Wanna ditch the nostalgia for now and come play "old sock tug-of-war" with me? I'll be waiting!

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