Friday, May 21, 2010

It's almost the weekend!

I thought I'd put aside my hole digging for a moment to write another blog post just to keep all my readers happy. (Cathy just informed me that I don't have any readers. Oh well, a dog can dream, can't he? Bet you I'll be on the best seller list before Cathy is.)

Woohoo! A long weekend coming up and it's springtime. Everything is green and the lilacs are bursting into bloom. Long sunny days. What's not to like? I just love this time of year even if it is a bit hot for me. PANT! I am a snow dog after all.

So it's Victoria Day weekend they tell me. What's with this Queen Victoria stuff? Wasn't she some British queen who lived way back when? Funny we get a holiday and they don't over in England. Oh well. No one is going to argue about a long weekend now, are they? I think they should have a long weekend to honour my birthday but I'm not the one who makes the rules.

Speaking of rules, I bet you'd love to know my rules for living, wouldn't you?

Here they are:

1. Never regret mistakes but learn from them. (I regret fighting with that German Shepherd last week but I've learned not to walk on that street again).
2. Try and get along with everyone and accept that we're all different. (I do try to get along with Tanner but he's got it in for me and a dog can only take so much before he loses it!)
3. When you do have a difference with someone, resolve it quickly and don't let it fester and become worse. (Hear that, Tanner! GRRR!)
4. Keep an open mind and a positive outlook
5. Keep a song in your soul and realize that it's a good life despite the struggles. Arf, arf, roooooo!

And by all means, don't worry about stuff that isn't worth worrying about. It takes way too much energy that could be used for more fun stuff like catching balls and jumping in mud puddles.

Enjoy your long or short weekend wherever you may be!


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