Sunday, May 16, 2010

Live in the moment

I just don't get it. All these people worrying about tomorrow and regretting yesterday. Meanwhile now is going by and they're missing it.

Why can't people be more like me and live in the moment?

Do I regret? No. (Except I do wish I had that bone I dropped on my walk last week. Oh well.)

Do I worry about tomorrow? No. (It does help that Brian rescued me or I might still be wondering aimlessly on the back roads of Vernon. Then I'd be worrying about tomorrow but I knew someone would take me sooner or later.)

So many people also suffer from "Some day syndrome". Sure, I'll live my dream "some day" and they keep putting it off and "some day" never comes. Do it now is what I say!

If it isn't attainable all at once, at least do a little each day towards your dream so you feel you're gradually getting there.

And they think dogs aren't wise. Until next time, live in the moment like I do!


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