Saturday, May 22, 2010

So superficial!

I just finished watching MTV Cribs with Eric. Talk about superficial with all that luxury and materialism! All those rich young people living the good life.

And all the commercials were for pimple cream, shampoo, underarm deodorant, and teeth bleaching. Everyone so obsessed about their looks. What about what's inside?

Luckily I'm authentic and don't need any of that.

So whaddya think? Is my photo showing my good side or should I use another one? Maybe I should get a portrait done in a studio by a professional. I mean, Cathy tries her best but she is an amateur. Luckily my amazing good looks shine through, despite her mediocre photos.

And I don't even need pimple cream with my perfect skin. I don't need fancy shampoo either. Mud baths do the trick for me.

The teeth bleaching might be an idea though. I am getting a bit of tartar buildup. How am I supposed to smile in photos?

The agony of living with such perfection weighs heavily on me but I have strong shoulders so I can bear it.

Til next time, have an authentic kind of a day!

Love Loup

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