Monday, August 1, 2011

Ode to a Blue Jay

You really like to squawk and squeak

You screech and shriek, and peep,

Mr. Blue Feathers with the pointy beak

Some of us are trying to sleep!

I know you’re only after my food

You’re always in my dish,

Don’t you think it’s kinda rude?

I guess scavenger is your niche,

You are related to a crow after all

I read it on a site,

You and your screechy, grating call

Always starting a fight,

I read that your wings aren’t really blue

And that it’s really just a trick of light,

I’m never too old to learn something new

Now if I’d only learn to be polite!

But the weirdest thing I read

Was all about a thing called “anting”,

Yes, you heard me, that’s what I said!

I’m not just howling and panting,

You rub ants under your wings

That sure is a weird thing to do,

I always learn so many things

Living in my backyard zoo.


  1. I think you should just EAT that blue jay! woo woo woo!!!!!

  2. Good idea, Rumpy? Got any good recipes on how to cook them? They'd be too tough to eat raw.

  3. Loup - are you sure their wings aren't blue?? they look blue to me... Tigger Zecchino...